Back to School Pictures

The kids headed back to school this morning. I gathered up a few of the first day of school pictures over the past few years. These are the ones I could easily find figured it would be good for TBT

Tomorrow is the Day

Tomorrow is the first day of school for the year for all our kids. This is also the first year they’ve been split up over three different schools as Caile starts at the middle school.

In my head I know everything will be fine but I’m a little stressed at the logistics of the whole thing. Getting kids to and from school, parent teacher nights, and school concerts, there could be a lot of overlapping.

Getting kids to school isn’t going to be too bad, but pick ups I can see being a pain. They all get out at different times and there is an hour in the difference between the earliest and the latest.

It looks like most days it’s going to involve multiple trips towards the schools. It gets more interesting when extracurricular a get scheduled shortly after school gets out for some because it will make it tight picking some up, dropping one off here, going back to pick up another.

It’s a good thing Jen is so organized and I have the flexibility in my schedule that I do or this would be a lot tougher to manage than it’s already going to be :-)

New Delicious Snack

My sister recently went through a big round of canning things and lucky me I got to benefit without doing any of the work. The main thing she did was a bunch of homemade salsa.

We’ve already gone through a couple jars ourselves because it is very yummy. I was searching for something to use with it besides nacho chips so I could eat a whole bunch and saw someone recommend cucumber. I’ve been eating this for a snack the past few days and I love it. The slices of cucumber work almost like nacho chips except they are much healthier, but they still taste great.

Not sure what I’ll do when I run out of this tasty salsa but maybe store bought will have to do. For now though I’ve found my go to snack I’d say.

Lots of Salsa
Wish this was all mine

Dear Brianna Lynne

Sandy McFadden:

Even after 12 years the end of August is still a hard time for me. Yesterday kept us busy, which was good, but I was thinking of you anyway and today has given me even more time to.

Originally posted on Sandy McFadden:

Dear Brianna Lynne,

Eleven years ago today, a day that will be forever etched into my memory. Some of the details and the timing of things have started to slip, but the feelings I felt that day will stay with me forever.

I’ll be honest, you were a bit of a surprise to your Mother and I. We hadn’t planned on having kids right away. Although we loved each other, in those early stages of our relationship I’m not sure either of us really knew where things would end up. Both of us had just left less than ideal situations so the possibility of things not lasting were very real. So when she told me that we were going to have a baby there were mixed feelings. I wanted to be sure that my next child was brought into a strong healthy relationship that would build the foundation for a…

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Week Two Summary

It is a good thing that I started out with a good week because this past week didn’t see the results I was hoping for. I still did pretty well, but if I keep having weeks like this I won’t hit my goal when I want to.

My workouts and running have been on track, I ran five mornings out of the week. Three of them were shorter runs but I went at a faster pace than I had been going. Just this morning I came very close to hitting my goal of a 5k run in under 30 minutes. Not quite there, but very close. For my evening workouts I put in six, so just the one rest day.

Even for my eating I’ve been making healthy choices. We had a family BBQ this week and instead of the hamburgers and sausages others were eating, I made myself some pork kabobs instead. Last night we had hamburgers here at the house and I made myself a chicken breast instead. The only thing that I figure is I’m still snacking to much. My snacks are now fruit or vegetables but I really if I’m eating to many it’s still to many calories. I didn’t want to get into counting calories this time but maybe I’m going to need to.

Now for the results:

Last week: 209lbs
Now: 206lbs
Lost: 3lbs

Although I’m not overly happy with the weight loss I’ve seen, my running is progressing well and yesterday when we were spending time in the water I was able to wear a pair of swimming shorts we bought last summer. I wasn’t able to fit into them at the beginning of the summer, but now they are good!


Watery Fun Kind of Day

The plan for today was to spend a fair amount of time on or around the water. The river which we tube down had the water levels brought back up so it was open again probably for one of the last times this year. We decided we would take advantage of it and get there as soon as the tube rental spot opened at 10:00.

Timing wise everything worked out great, we made it there right on time. The weather was nice but there still weren’t a lot of people around. We had a couple extra kids with us so there was a lot of people and all their things to keep track of so things got a bit stressful. We dropped some of the bigger kids at the top of the river with my sister and the boats to start to pumping them up while we drove one of the vehicles down to the bottom.

My arms and back were really sore this morning from the workouts I’ve been doing. So pumping the boats wasn’t something I was looking forward to doing. But we got them done and started walking down. We quickly realized that one of my sisters boats that we were going to borrow had a hole in it. This freaked some of the kids out because they didn’t want to go in a boat in case it got a hole in it while we were going down. So after discussion and a bit of arguing my sister decided her and her family weren’t going.

We went off anyway. The tube I had rented for myself tied to one of the boats was a lot bigger than usual. I had a hard time reaching my arms down into the water to paddle and steer myself. I felt like a T-Rex trying to do anything. As I was supposed to be the guide for the boat behind me and lead them down this was a bit stressful. Luckily the water levels were quite high so even some of the usually shallow areas weren’t too bad.

After heading home for some lunch we took off again out to Lumsden’s Dam Provincial Park to go for a swim. It’s a beautiful spot and I was able to spend some time doing one of my favourite things, swimming out fairly far and just floating on my back. The water over my ears blocks out most sounds or at least muffles them, the sun shinning down on me, and the slight ripples bobbing me up and down slightly.

Lumsden's DamMe Floating

Will Power

Early on when I started running I found that I must not have the strongest will power. When ever I would run a loop that either took me past my house or past my car multiple times it made it very easy for me to stop earlier than I wanted to. I learned to start making and taking routes that were either out and back or large enough loops that I didn’t go past an escape option many times.

Today I took a break from work to go for a run so I didn’t want to waste time by driving somewhere to do it. Especially when I have basically an exact 1km route right outside my door. My aim was to do 4-5km but after my third loop my legs felt like they were dying so I took my out and quit.

In my head I’m rationalizing it and trying to make excuses. That one hill that you have to go up in this loop just wore you out more. That fast run you did yesterday left your legs more sore than usual. Moving to the next work outs in your series last night took it’s toll on you. It could be the case that all these things added up to why my legs were sore, but when you come right down to it if I had run a different route even if I stopped running I would have still had to walk back.

Even with all the excuses I know why I stopped using the loop past my house, because I gave up to early many times, not just when I had excuses like today. That is certainly I need to work on because this loop is pretty convenient and I shouldn’t let things like that stop me from reaching my real goals.

Defiant Squash

This spaghetti squash has been cut back a number of times because it kept trying to get in with the tomatoes. The other day we came out to find it made it’s way back in with them again. This time it started to produce a squash. The main problem is that it’s way up in the air. Hopefully the tomato cage will hold it up, but some of the other ones, which grew along the ground as they should, are getting quite big. Not sure of the fate of this defiant squash.

Defiant Squash
The ground is your home, don’t you like your home?

Public Outdoor Piano

My little town has setup something pretty interesting recently. It’s been setup for at least a couple weeks now but I just noticed it personally just the other night. In the Centre Square area they’ve setup a public piano that anyone regardless of talent can come play at anytime.

It’s a pretty cool concept. Maybe one of these days when I’m down there again I’ll sit down and play a lovely rendition of twinkle twinkle little star.

You can find more information about it and a cute picture here: