FFF Week Two Update

This is my second week update for my Fight Fat February month and things are still on the right track.


Food went again this week. My usual breakfast, but switched up lunch. Most of the week I had a spinach salad. Stuck with the same snacks, carrots, apples, and yogurts. Again had the same dinners as the rest of the family, we even had cheese burgers one night!

Five Fitness Workouts

Moved on to week two of Jillian Michaels 30 day shred. This week is a lot tougher than the first. I had to take a break one night during the week so I did Saturday night as well to get my five in for the week.

Forty Kilometers

We had some rough weather the beginning of the week that kept me from getting out running so it made the rest of the week tougher between the sidewalks and running so many days in a row. However with a 9km run on Saturday it took me to 40km even.

Fifteen Pounds

This week ended up being a surprise to me that this goal went as well as it did. I’m down another five pounds. That’s down to 187lbs and 10lbs total in the two weeks. Only 5lbs to go in the next two weeks.

My New Favourite Thing

My New Favourite Thing

Tonight we picked up my favourite new thing we have had in a while. It’s pretty simple and not at all fancy. It isn’t a new electronic gadget which would normally be the type of thing I get excited about. 

This is a bench to sit in our kitchen. For those of you who know our house my office is directly off the kitchen. We’ve lived here for a little over three years now. Almost every single day since we have moved in the vacuum hose for the central vac has sat plugged in here. 

Usually it’s not so bad, but if not put there in a tidy way it would creep out over the floor and I would trip over it while going into the office. That and in a normally pretty tidy home it looked untidy. We left it out because it was used so frequently that it was a pain to out it away in a closet and dig it back out every time. 

We solved that today with the bench. It sits in the same place the hose did, but now it holds the hose and keeps it contained. It is neat and tidy and it provides extra seats for when we have company over. 

I’m so pleased with this and that there will be no more tripping over vacuum hose when coming and going from the office. 


FFF Week One Update

This is my first week update for my Fight Fat February month and so far so good.


All week I ate very well. Breakfast and lunch were pretty standard. I typically have granola and yogurt for breakfast. For lunches this week I made a black bean chilli and ate it a bunch this week. I had a few small snacks throughout most days. Usually something like an apple or carrot sticks. For dinner I just ate what ever the family was eating, making sure to have proper servings.

Five Fitness Workouts

Monday through Friday each night I did the first week of Jillian Michaels 30 day shred. It was rough at first but by Friday it was getting better.

Forty Kilometers

This week I ran 45km! Five days of 9km each. One day was really rainy and I was drenched by the end but it was still fun.

Fifteen Pounds

So far so good on this front too. I’m down five pounds so far. That’s down to 192lbs. The first week of pushing always seems to be the easiest for weight to come off, but if I keep pushing it I’m in good shape to hit the 15lbs lost.

Fight Fat February

For the past little while I’ve been doing pretty good health wise. I’m been running quite a bit and usually eating well. There have been some setbacks in eating though where I for about a week recently regressed and ate way to many snacks especially at night. So far though the scale has been going in the right direction, even though if it has been slower than I like.

In the spirit of 30 challenges I’m going to make February my Fight Fat month. There is still some weight to before I’m happy so I want to set out a series of goals for this month which will hopefully end me up where I want to be. They are going to be ambitious goals and there are some especially that I’m scared already I won’t be able to do, but we’ll see how it goes.


The first thing is food. I’m going to do my best to eat healthy for the whole month, with no snacking on junk. Also make sure my serving sizes are proper portions. This should be one of the easier ones for me to hit. As long as I stick my mind to it I can usually do good at eating well.

Five Fitness Workouts

Starting a workout program again and aim to do it at least five days a week. Jillian Michaels has always served me well so I’m starting with her Ripped in 30 series. I like it because I can do it in my house and all I need are some hand held dumbbells and my own body.

Forty Kilometers

This is the one I’m most scared for. My goal is to run forty kilometers each week for the month. I have done it a couple weeks, but my legs get sore and tie it in with the other work outs, not sure I can keep up this distance each week for the whole time. I’m going to try though.

Fifteen Pounds

By sticking to these other goals, I’m hoping the end results will see me down the last 15 lbs that I want to lose. That will put me basically at the healthy BMI for my height. Even though I know that isn’t a perfect indicator I felt very good the last time I was there and want to get back to it.

So far, one full day in and I’m on track to hit my targets :-) Even though February is a short month there is still a long way to go. I haven’t done well at hitting these goals I’ve set for my self the past little bit so I’m going to work especially hard this time to make it happen. Wish me luck!

Noah and I

Yesterday Jen took all the girls to Moncton on an overnight trip so they could watch the So You Think You Can Dance tour which came. They all love the show and love dancing in general so it was awesome this opportunity came up for them to go.

This left Noah and I home alone for the evening and night though! As they were having a fun get away we decided we would have our own fun here. Instead of coming right home after school we decided to go get our selves a little treat. I had an awesome coffee while he had a peanut butter brownie treat. The weather was awesome for this time of year so we decided to make use of it and head out for a walk around the marsh as well.

By the time we were done it was pretty much time to eat. Noah had a few different ideas for what he wanted for super, but finally decided on going to Boston Pizza. He worked hard on the activities in the kids menu until his food arrived and even beat me at a few games of X’s and O’s.

It couldn’t be all fun and games though. Once we were home from supper we quickly did the things around the house that were needed for the next day and did his reading homework. With those things out of the way we had the rest of the night to relax with each other. One of his favourite things is to play Go Fish using the Jetpack cards I picked up while at the Grand Meetup for work. While we were playing he made me laugh. I’ve obviously set some different expectations in him by my past actions. He asked me if when I change jobs if I would have to give the cards back to work :-). He remembers cell phones and other things I had to return previous employers. Not this time little man. For one I have no intentions on going anywhere, and I’m pretty sure they’ll let me keep the cards.

We finished off the night with a bit of a snuggle on the couch with some carrot sticks as a snack and then off to bed.

I had a rough night sleeping, I’m sure from a combination of not used to sleeping alone and being worried about over sleeping or not waking up if Noah needed me in the night. As it turns out he slept all the way through. I told him in the morning Mom would be mad because he slept all night. He was confused and asked mad at me or you? At you I told him. She’s going to say, how come when Dad is here you sleep all night for him, but when I’m here you get up and come see me in the night? His response was, Dad you told me to stay in bed all night. HAHAHA!

Favourite Winter Activity

Today we are visiting Ross Farm Museum for their annual winter frolic event. As we were walking from the car into the snow we were talking to the kids about the different activities that were on.

There is sledding, snow shoes, horse sleigh rides, and hot chocolate. At the mention of hot chocolate Caile pipes up:

That’s my favourite winter activity!

Making Progress

If there is one thing I can take away from today is that I finally think I’m making progress. For the past couple weeks the scale has been seeing a steady decline, although not huge. I’m putting in lots of km’s running, and tracking my calories has helped me stay on top of my eating. But this isn’t the main progress I’m pleased about right today.

For some reason today I woke up with a poor attitude. Without even knowing the reason I’ve just felt down all day. These days happen sometimes and they go away fairly quickly thankfully. Normally when these days happen though my default to get through them is by eating. Eating a pile of food that is not good for me and not needed. In the end it always makes things worse because then I feel down about all the food I just ate for no good reason.

Today, even though I still feel the same way, I stuck to eating the way I should. Just a few minutes ago I came very close to grabbing a bag of chips along with a homemade muffin and cookies, but instead I grabbed a little container of yogurt and am now done eating for the day.

The plan is to wake up tomorrow feeling like myself and make sure I force myself out for a run, as that in itself has a way of clearing my head and making me feel better. All the while keeping my eating in check so the progress can continue.