Reason number …

No longer can I keep track of the number of reasons I love my job. But this is up there with the very top of them.

Yesterday I received this feedback from one the people I had chatted with. It wasn’t only for me as they have chatted with a number of my team over the past while, I just happened to be the lucky one to help right before they left this:

One of the main reasons I am a great fan of WordPress is the chat line. It is especially important to me as I am deaf and trying to hear instructions over the telephone is fraught with difficulty. Anyway, I have learned to use your chat line when I get stuck and I have never been disappointed. Not only do all the people with whom I have chatted know the right answers, they come over as really nice people – the sort you would like to have as friends. I’m sure some could find a fault somewhere but I’m damned if I could.

This made my day yesterday and it carried right over today. I’m very lucky I get to talk with so many interesting and neat people. Of course some days can be stressful or you can let things get to you, but then something like this comes along and all that fades away.


For a guy who doesn’t overly enjoy gardening, and isn’t very good at it, I seem to have dedicated a fair amount of time to it this weekend.  It will be worth it though in the end. 

The waste resource management group here was giving away free compost yesterday. We took advantage and I went and shovelled a bunch into bags to bring it home. I was running short of time but luckily my sisters family was there at the same time and they helped me fill a bag or two as well. 

Today we went a picked up some tomato plants and some seeds for peas, beans, and zucchini. There are not many things I like better than eating peas right out of the garden so I’m hopefully the grow the most. 

When we arrived home I mixed all the compost into the garden where all these will go to give them a good base to start with. 

The boxwoods at the back of the yard took a beating this winter with all the snow sitting on top of them. Tried out the new trimmers and have them looking better now. 

Once we were done for the day and were watering a the existing things the peony is starting to come up. I was warned though that after being transplanted it might not bloom this year. My fingers are crossed that we at least get a few though. 

Model train show

Today was dance recital day. Jen, Caile, and Ella were busy with that all day. Caile and Ella were only in the first half of the afternoon recital, so after the intermission Noah and I took off and went to check out a model train show that was setup today. 

Noah’s favourite was the Lego train it was pretty impressive and if you look close you can see Superman flying on top of one of the buildings. 


Easy to please

All the kids just arrived home from school so there were eleven of them in the kitchen eating snacks of homemade peanut butter chocolate chip cookies and apple slices. 

My youngest daughter Ella, who does not like peanut butter, asked this instead:

Can I just have a couple chocolate chips and a slice of bread?

Little George Costanza

Noah had been in the washroom for a little while and was being quiet, so I went to check on him. He was in there with everything but his socks off sitting on the toilet. 

When I asked him why he was naked he said, sometimes I get really hot so I take my clothes off. 

Totally reminded me of George Costanza. 

Halifax day trip

Yesterday we took a wonderful day trip into Halifax. It was a beautiful day and it had been a while since we were able to all go spend a day together. This was the first day this year I was able to wear shorts and t-shirt, the only time I was a little cold was when we were on the ferry going across the Halifax

The ferry is my favourite way to get to downtown Halifax. You get a great view of the city and the harbour and it’s pretty cheap as well. We spent a bit of time walking the waterfront and had a treat at Cows ice cream, it’s Jen’s favourite. The boardwalk along the water is so nice with the playground for the kids to play and neat shops and views.

There was some food that was smelling really good when we first walked off the ferry. Noah said that smells so good, can we follow that smell and eat what ever it is.

Backyard Wildlife

The view from my office window is great. Our backyard always has some critter running around out there it seems. There are lots of birds flying and singing. A few weeks back the big attractions was watching the squirrels sneaking around, climbing and jumping.

We have deer who are semi regular visitors. As the clover gets growing more in the yard I expect them to make more regular appearances again like they did last year. Pheasants are a pretty regular sight to see as well.

Deer visiting in the front yard.
Deer visiting in the front yard last year.

In the past few days we’ve had some new friends join us though. We’ve randomly caught glimpses of them in the past but they seem to be hanging around a lot more now. Wild rabbits. Maybe they like to come visit our pet rabbits, but they were inside when I caught this little one out there this morning.

Visiting Rabbit
Visiting Rabbit

Out of all the critters we do get out there, my favourite are watching and listening to the the kids playing back there.

Feeling better

After four days of feeling horrible and then two days of taking it pretty easy I think I’m finally getting back to myself. 

Losing 15lbs in four days, although needed, is not ideal. Today I actually ate some food and it felt good. 

Taking the kids to dance class did wear me back out quite a bit. But I’m confident after taking it easy tonight I’ll be good tomorrow. 

The best as we can figure is that it is the antibiotics that wreaked havoc on my system. Hopefully now that I’m done with them I am at the end of it all. 

Once again I am blown away by team during all this. Not only do they all encourage me to make sure I take the time to get better but one of them had this sent to my house today for me. Thank you all!


Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day always reminds me of what I know everyday, I have three of the most amazing mothers in my life. 

My Mother in Law Linda. One of the most giving and selfless people I know. Always willing to do what ever she can to help out. Having her so close and everything she does with and for the kids is amazing. 

My Mother has always been there for me even though I didn’t always give her a reason to be. Even now that I’m grown she still comes  to help. Just this week she came and helped dig some new gardens and give advice on how to set it up. She is also going to help paint some rooms later this spring. 

That brings me to my wife Jen. She has taken all the good things she has learned from her mother and her grandmother and applied them to the most amazing mother to our children. Just in the last few weeks with me being next to useless she has taken on even more than she already does making sure our house and children are put first in her life. 

This morning for Mother’s Day the kids got up early and made signs and hung them wishing her a happy Mother’s Day and directed her to a gift. Then they helped her cook her own Mother’s Day breakfas. She then took them out to pick out her Mother’s Day gift. She wanted plants and flowers for the new garden. 

I’m an extremely lucky person to have these three mothers in mine and my children’s lives. One of these days when I’m feeling better I will make up for this Mother’s Day to Jen.